It is the philosophy of Sanford Restaurant to start with the finest possible ingredients, coming from as close to home as possible, supporting local farms and artisans whenever possible. We then treat those ingredients with the utmost respect, coaxing and elevating the natural flavor to the highest possible level.

Our inspiration starts with the seasonal bounty of produce. As Sandy always said when fresh tomatoes are here we will use them, when they are done we will wait until next year.  Embracing what each season will bring, we then take great care in the development of the menu.

Our food, in large part, is described as Modern Ethnic.  We like to take taste profiles and food traditions from the world over and integrate them into modern dishes. Exploring these traditions became a great passion of Justin’s when he started to explore his own Armenian heritage and family recipes, which are often included in the daily menu.

As important as the food is to our vision, the service and comfort of our guests plays an equally important part. We want our guests to feel comfortable, as if they have been invited into our home. We strive to be attentive but not intrusive and to always anticipate our guests’ needs.  Over the last twenty plus years Sandy and Angie’s travels and experiences around the world have helped to shape the service at Sanford.  Our goal is to continue these methods to ensure that each person leaves Sanford having had an outstanding dining experience.